scripture structure

A visual guide to the design of the biblical narrative

My Ideas and goals for this project


Establish a Comprehensive Framework

Develop a detailed project framework that defines the methodologies for identifying and visualizing patterns in the Biblical narrative, including common terms, mirrored lines, and central themes.

Create a Structured Database of Biblical Themes

Build a comprehensive and searchable database of the Biblical themes, organized to support efficient querying and various forms of textual analysis.


Develop Analytical Tools

Create a suite of analytical tools designed to identify and visualize patterns in the Biblical text, including tools for keyword analysis, pattern recognition, and thematic exploration.

Design Visual Representations

Design and develop clear and intuitive visual representations of the identified patterns and structures in the Biblical text, utilizing various forms of visualization such as charts, graphs, and interactive diagrams.

Ensure Accessibility and Usability

Develop a user-friendly and accessible design that supports easy navigation, visualizations, and straightforward use of analytical tools, ensuring broad accessibility across different personalities and user needs.

Validate and Refine Methodologies

Implement a continuous validation and refinement process for the project’s methodologies, including regular review, user feedback collection, and iterative adjustments to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the analysis.


About Me

I am a very organized person who loves writing code that is efficient and fluid to get the jobs done that are needed. I enjoy finding patterns in all sorts of things, like putting together puzzles, understanding board game instructions and strategies, and organizing resources around the house and in my work. My passion for order and efficiency drives me to create seamless solutions, making complex tasks more manageable and enjoyable. This is why the Scripture Structure project excites me—it combines my love for pattern recognition and organization with a deep dive into the rich and intricate designs of the Biblical narrative. It’s a perfect blend of my skills and interests, allowing me to explore and highlight the beautiful complexities within the text.

Initial Designs

Initial Thoughts

This is the opening to the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew.  I’ve started the process of what I want the structure to look like.  Below are points of interest along the way that I want readers to be able to see and visualize quickly based on the design of the book.

  • There is a definite structure to this section of scripture called the Beatitudes. “Blessed” are “_____” for “_____”
  • Notice the first three in the section are internal; poor in spirit, mourning, and meek.  These are all struggles that people go through in their own internal and personal lives.
  • Notice that the last three in the section are external; merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers.  These are all in relation to other people.
  • The middle “Blessed” between the two sets of three combine internal and external; “hungering and thirsting” (internal) for “righteousness” (external)

The Graphic Designer Needed…

  • Can understand the overal desire for the project
  • Can visualize the necessary assets and pages for the project
    • Logo and branding
    • Design Branding guide for colors, fonts, etc.
    • Cover Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Structure Pages (Initial thoughts – Canva)

The Plan So Far …

  1. Get a bid from a Graphic Designer to create the items in the previous column (roughly 20 pages)
  2. Accept bid and work together creating initial Scripture Structure “teaser” book
  3. Get a bid from Graphic Designer to publish the entire gospel of Matthew with the current designs
  4. Create Kickstarter campaign with teaser project and get fully funded to finish Gospel of Matthew
  5. Select the next Bible book and keep going …

Let’s Start a Conversation

Please let us know if you have any questions.