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TaskOpportunity (Formula)StageStatusDue DateAssigned To (Full Name)
Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminComplete01/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminComplete01/01/2023"Brittney Leonard,Heather Townley"
Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminComplete02/01/2023"Brittney Leonard,Heather Townley"
Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminComplete02/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Ted Kelly Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminComplete03/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Ted Kelly Cash Value Reporting"`Kelly, Ted`"AdminToDo04/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Reply to Brad`s email question"`Kopp, Brad`"AdminComplete07/28/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Cash Value Reporting"`Kopp, Brad`"AdminComplete01/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Cash Value Reporting"`Kopp, Brad`"AdminComplete02/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Brad Kopp Cash Value Reporting"`Kopp, Brad`"AdminComplete03/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Brad Kopp Cash Value Reporting"`Kopp, Brad`"AdminToDo04/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Review Bob`s question with Case Design team Tuesday morning"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete01/25/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Cash Value Reporting"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete01/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Withdrawal/ Disbursment"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete01/17/2023Heather Townley
Cash Value Reporting"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete02/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Paul Petry Cash Value Reporting"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete03/01/2023Brittney Leonard
Contribution Reminder to Lynn Buskey for premium payment from the Trust"`Petry, Paul`"AdminComplete03/24/2023Heather Townley
Paul Petry Cash Value Reporting"`Petry, Paul`"AdminToDo04/01/2023Brittney Leonard
HT to send out Annual Premium Invoice once annual review is complete"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete07/30/2021Heather Townley
KR - can you put together the Lincoln and Penn Mutual reprojections we need for Paul Quaranto? Meeting with him on Thursday morning. See case update for specs."`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete08/10/2021Karl Reinhold
Put together Agenda and Segment results"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete08/10/2021Chris Wyrtzen
CW to call Paul to set up the annual review"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete08/11/2021Chris Wyrtzen
"Send F/U email to Paul - DCA Account, 1 Additional Premium, ICOLI?""`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete08/13/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Set up appointment with Paul to review policy"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete08/19/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Start preparing for annual meeting"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete09/05/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Send f/u email with information Paul needs on Penn policy (allocation options)"`Quaranto, Paul`"AdminComplete12/02/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Flush out the Braman example further0-Sales Concept - Atticus Premium Finance for DB Benefit PoolClosed/LostComplete05/11/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Fill out LSF paperwork1-LicensingClosed/WonComplete10/17/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Make sure that Insperity has enrollment contribution elections for new employees401k EnrollmentProjectsComplete01/04/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Enroll Megan for 2023 contributions401k EnrollmentProjectsOverdue03/22/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Send Les some times for a call in January for educational meeting401k EnrollmentProjectsOverdue03/27/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Verify that fee is dropped to 40 bps in 2023401k EnrollmentProjectsOverdue03/29/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Finalize the 2021 Safe Harbor contribution2022 EBS Planning ItemsClosed/WonComplete09/23/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Iron Mountain Follow Up on refund2022 EBS Planning ItemsClosed/WonToDo04/03/2023Heather Townley
Put together Abadi exhibits - see the Ovadia work as a guideAbadi PPLIClosed/LostComplete01/03/2022Karl Reinhold
Review what Karl puts together and make sure materials go to EBS-WestAbadi PPLIClosed/LostComplete01/07/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Discuss case with CR/JA/KRAbadi PPLIClosed/LostComplete01/18/2022"Chris Rich,Chris Wyrtzen,John Analambadakis,Karl Reinhold"
Put together simplistic example of funding for Estate Taxes - see case notes from 1/17Abadi PPLIClosed/LostComplete01/31/2022"Karl Reinhold,John Analambadakis"
Review what John put together and send on to EBS-WestAbadi PPLIClosed/LostComplete02/07/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Run illustrations at Underwriting offerACCA Split DollarClosed/LostCompleteJohn Analambadakis
Ask LS to submit request for informal offers from Lincoln and ZurichACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete06/25/2021Bonnie Barnes
Analyze illustrations that JA sent - does it make sense to use insurance?ACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete07/06/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Rerun Bart James PacLife illustration as requested in Case UpdateACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete07/19/2021John Analambadakis
Fix Date and BOY AGe = 1/1/21 and age 46 (which is what Pac Illus shows) - distributions starting in year 21 (which is what illus shows)ACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete07/19/2021John Analambadakis
For PacLife - what Index options are available in the product that Barton James could get?ACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete07/22/2021"Karl Reinhold,John Analambadakis"
Follow up with ACCA team on decisionACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete09/07/2021"Don Curristan,Bonnie Barnes"
"Run another Bart James illus - target $39,649 using 7-pay - see the Case Update note on 9/21"ACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete09/21/2021John Analambadakis
See 9/17 case update for 2 new Exhibits neededACCA Split DollarClosed/LostComplete09/24/2021John Analambadakis
"Schedule call with Kristin for Friday, July 9"Advanced Energy DCPNew AddCompleteChris Wyrtzen
Create Modeler for enrollment meetingsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete08/11/2021"Chris Wyrtzen,John Analambadakis,Bonnie Barnes"
Put together initial modeling specs for KR/JAAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete08/16/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Put together Benefit Cash Flow modelAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete08/30/2021Chris Wyrtzen
KR to start COLI modeling after CW gives him the Benefit Cash Flow modelAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete08/30/2021Karl Reinhold
"Revised COLI Modeling using the attached Benefit Cash Flows - one is for use with the entire census (distributions thru Yr 26), one for the younger census (distribs thru yr 32). Be sure to use a 6.5% net crediting rate"Advanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete09/07/2021Karl Reinhold
Use revised COLI illustrations to develop COLI vs MF funding modelAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete09/07/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Send KR revised COLI funding / benefit distributionsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete09/10/2021Chris Wyrtzen
New COLI runs based on updated COLI cash flows from CWAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete09/13/2021Karl Reinhold
Run new AEI COLI illustrations - see revised Ben CFs in Dropbox folder: Dropbox (EBS)\8. Case Work\AEI\2021-10-04 Funding Model\Advanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete10/04/2021Karl Reinhold
Run slightly revised distribution scenario - stored in latest folder: COLI Funding Specs-to KR-10-04.xlsxAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete10/05/2021Karl Reinhold
Design session on ModelerAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete10/15/2021"Chris Wyrtzen,John Analambadakis"
COLI Market SurveyAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete10/25/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Compensation AnalysisAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete10/25/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Put together Enrollment GuideAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete11/11/2021Chris Rich
Finalize ModelerAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete12/13/2021"Chris Wyrtzen,John Analambadakis"
Put together one page summary of the COLI purchase recommendationAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/04/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Get approval from Lincoln on GI COLIAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/04/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Follow-up on Consent requestsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/07/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Admin - reach out to Fidelity to set up call to discuss plan adminAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/12/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Create Admin outline for Thursday call with AEIAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/19/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Verify Consent FormsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/19/2022Brittney Leonard
Run COLI Illustrations for both Lincoln and ProtectiveAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/21/2022Karl Reinhold
Send Lincoln Investment options to KristenAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete01/26/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Check with AEI if we have access to Fidelity yetAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete02/03/2022Bonnie Barnes
Go on Fidelity and familiarize with reporting capabilitiesAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete03/07/2022"Bonnie Barnes,Chris Wyrtzen"
Finalize policy death benefit round 1 COLIAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete03/07/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Put together COLI paperworkAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete03/07/2022Bonnie Barnes
Ready for fundingAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete03/29/2022Bonnie Barnes
Send sample Corporate Reporting PackageAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete04/06/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Reallocation from MMAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete05/02/2022Bonnie Barnes
Create reporting package for review on 5/3Advanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete05/02/2022Bonnie Barnes
Accounting for D&D of RSUs: Follow-up with Berg CrawfordAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete11/01/2022Chris Rich
Complete RSU Q&AsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete11/01/2022Chris Rich
Provide commission info as requestedAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete11/04/2022Chris Wyrtzen
"Work with Dan, Todd and Matrix to change stock ownership language in rabbi trust"Advanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete02/15/2023Chris Rich
"Complete the deferral projection, existing premium capacity, and whether we need additional consents"Advanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete02/20/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Put together Census file data request for 12 new Consent formsAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete02/27/2023"Bonnie Barnes,Heather Townley"
Review and update Admin AgreementAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddComplete03/15/2023"Bonnie Barnes,Chris Wyrtzen"
Put together Consent and Capacity email to DonAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddOverdue03/27/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Admin Agreement and Fee Billing - Discuss on next ECMS callAdvanced Energy DCPNew AddOverdue03/28/2023"Bonnie Barnes,Chris Wyrtzen,Heather Townley"
Review Pam`s AnalysisAECOM RSU AnalysisRSU Analysis CompleteComplete06/21/2021Chris Wyrtzen
What do we need in order to complete the RSU analysisAECOM RSU AnalysisRSU Analysis CompleteComplete07/06/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Do the benefit of deferral exhibit for CEOAECOM RSU AnalysisRSU Analysis CompleteComplete04/15/2022CW Rich
CWR will resend info to WLMAECOM RSU AnalysisRSU Analysis CompleteComplete06/27/2022CW Rich
Review what Karl sentAffirm RSU DeferralClosed/LostComplete04/05/2021Chris Wyrtzen
Send EBS-West initial analysisAffirm RSU DeferralClosed/LostComplete04/06/2021Chris Wyrtzen
"Once Don has availability, CW to reach out to Brydget"Affirm RSU DeferralClosed/LostComplete11/16/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Show them Mezrah system once agreement is signedAffirm RSU DeferralClosed/LostComplete02/10/2023Chris Wyrtzen
Work on Alfa COLI premiumsAlfa MutualAdminComplete03/11/2022Chris Wyrtzen
Annual StatementsAlfa MutualAdminComplete05/11/2022"Brittney Leonard,Heather Townley"
"Cash Value Reporting DBO, Group Term, and Retiree"Alfa MutualAdminComplete01/15/2023Heather Townley